About Kemptville Pride

The impetus for Kemptville Pride initially came from Holly Brown of the Rainbow Union of Dundas and Grenville, who spearheaded the first Kemptville Pride Parade in June 2019.

North Grenville holds first Pride Event | The North Grenville Times
By Hilary Thomson
June 5, 2019

North Grenville’s first Pride event was spearheaded by the Rainbow Union of Dundas and Grenville, a group which supports LGBTQ2 people and their families in the area. Founder, Holly Brown, says that, in a few short months, they were able to garner huge support for Kemptville Pride from the community, allowing them to organize a vibrant celebration of the LBTQ2 community. “I won’t talk for long or I might cry,” Holly said at the flag raising. “All of our money came from you. You shared our stuff, you promoted us, you lifted us up, we are your neighbours and your friends and we thank you.”

Holly started Rainbow Union of Dundas and Grenville after her daughter came out to her two years ago. She had just bought a house in North Dundas and thought she had made a huge mistake. “What have I done?” she thought.

But Holly persevered and created the Rainbow Union so all LGBTQ2 people in the area could have a place to go and feel supported. “I demanded more. I raised my expectations. I insisted on inclusiveness and I was met with reception, and love and money,” she said. “Thank you for showing us that you care.”

Planning for the 2020 Kemptville Pride events has been assumed by Kemptville Pride, a local, not-for-profit corporation, with a board of 6 members.